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Privacy Policy

Last modified: May 21, 2019

You might have noticed that we like to have fun here at Faireum, but one thing we take really seriously is your privacy. We know that when you share your personal information with us, we need to keep it secure and use it fairly and lawfully.

1. Why we collect personal information

1.1. We need to process your personal information in order to provide you with our services. We will ask you for only the minimum amount of information we need, and we will only use it for legitimate purposes.

1.2. When you register an account with Faireum, you enter into a contract with us, as specified in our Terms of Use. In order for us to fulfill our contract terms and provide you with access to our services, we need to process some personal information about you. We will always clearly indicate what information is required and what information you can decide not to provide to us if you do not want to.

1.3. Some of the information that we process about you is also necessary for us to comply with the legal and regulatory obligations that we have as a gaming company, such as licensing requirements, responsible games and anti-money laundering rules (AML). This information is processed in order to:

  • (i) Conduct an age and personality check;
  • (ii) Check the source of wealth;
  • (iii) To conduct an examination;
  • (iv) Monitoring and investigating transactions and gameplay to prevent and detect fraud, money laundering, gambling problems and other irregular gaming operations.

1.4. Faireum processes a small amount of information about everyone who visits our site. We do this in order to better understand the people who visit our websites and help us determine where problems exist, security problems or something goes wrong for site visitors. We do this with technical programs and functional cookies.

To make your time in Faireum fun and social.

1.5. The website has a live panel that displays information about the players who are logged in, what they are playing and the amounts they won in the game in real time.

1.6. When you visit our platform, we use cookies and pixels to collect a small number of your channels on which we advertise to keep you informed about product development and offers. Information is stored for a limited time and is always deleted after this time period has passed. You can block and delete cookies using the settings in your web browser, although this may affect your website experience.

1.7. Faireum will never ask you to provide any confidential personal information such as information about your health, your race or ethnic background. Any chats or emails are assigned to your account with us, and if you report a health condition that we think may affect your ability to make rational decisions regarding your gameplay, we can decide to block you from our services for your own safety.

2. With whom we share your information

2.1. In some cases, we need to provide your information to recipients outside Faireum to provide our services. When we carry out any exchange with third parties, we always guarantee that there is an appropriate contract, that the information transmitted is transmitted in a secure way and that we transmit only the minimum amount of your information that we need. Faireum will never sell your information to third parties.

2.2. Sometimes we may receive a request for disclosure of information about you to law enforcement agencies, regulatory authorities and supervisory authorities. We will always ensure that the organization requesting the information has a legal basis for this and provides only the minimum amount of information required in a secure way. We will also pass on your personal information to law enforcement, regulatory and supervisory authorities if we believe that the criminal act was or may be committed.

3. How long do we keep your information

3.1. In order to fulfill our legal obligations regarding fraud, taxation and anti-money laundering, Faireum will need to store your account information for 10 years after your account has been closed. When you close your account with us, it is marked as “closed” and information is securely stored until the expiration date. Then we reliably destroy this information.

4. Withdraw your consent

4.1. If we rely on your consent to the processing of your information, you always have the opportunity to withdraw this consent at any time.

4.2. We rely on your agreement to include you in a real-time panel on the website, which displays information about players and their game in real time, as well as to ensure that your player card is visible to other players on the platform. You can control whether this information will be displayed in your settings when you log into your account, and this can be changed at any time.

4.3. We also rely on your agreement to keep in touch with you and inform you about news, bonuses and promotions of Faireum. We send you marketing messages only if you have given us your consent to receive these messages. We collect this consent as part of the registration process, but you can control the channels with which we communicate, and whether we will contact you at all through your settings when you sign in to your account. These settings can be accessed and changed at any time. In any message we send you, you can also unsubscribe or unsubscribe.

4.4. You should know that even if you disagree with the marketing messages, you can still periodically receive an email from Faireum. These messages are intended to enable us to inform you about changes to the Terms and Conditions and this privacy notice, as well as anything that may affect the services we may provide to you.

We will review and update this privacy notice at any time when there are significant changes in the way we use personal information.

If we make any changes to the privacy notice, we will summarize these changes below. We may also contact you to notify you of any material changes, if we consider it necessary.